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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my parcel?

Lost or Delayed Post
We use the most reliable & economical postal service to ensure your package arrives on time and safely.

But as we are all human and this happens occasionally that for reasons beyond our control, post can be delayed or take a wrong turn and vanish!

So if  you think your order is late or lost, we will do all we can to help.
UK orders, please let us know if you have not received your order within 10 days of dispatch. 

For non-UK orders, please allow two weeks before contacting us.


So, where did the name Love of Lemons come from ?

The name Love of Lemons took sometime to arrive, it was mainly on holidays in France when we had time to reflect, become creative and also when we had time to just think. At first, it was more for an Instagram account where I could post things that I loved and that were just inspiring.

I had a long list of names and created a few Instagram accounts but none of them felt right. The one just before 'Love of Lemons' arrived was ‘Yardie’, as it was all about your backyard finds because I am such a collector of things, whether an old teapot, an old chair, books or clothing! But on reflection this still wasn’t right!

So along came the start, using 'Love of'... Love of the Moon, Love of You, and so on. Love of Lemons arrived as my parents have always had lemon trees and the fruit the lemon represents is my family, and I just knew this was it, it was the meaning of just to love everything around you – not the love of a real lemon, the lemon is what you want to be surrounded with!


What's so special about handpicked?

The buying of the vintage clothing and the new brands is all about the handpicking, this is so important to me and key to finding the best styles and fits.

I will always check each piece over to make sure the material and the fit work. Also this is the same for the vintage range as we all know good bits can be hard to find, but find I will!

Finding lovely things for people makes me happy. Quality is massively important to me and I want my customers to feel comfortably stylish and inspired by the clothes that I sell.

Reusing where possible, adding pieces into our wardrobe that brings the old back to life alongside the new. This is my vision and what I do when I dress, with lots of old pieces but I also do love a new purchase to style in with my look. 

The brands that Love of Lemons stock are all handpicked with time spent looking into their history and origin, making sure that they are sustainable and use good quality products, telling a beautiful story!