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9 Reasons to Shop Vintage Clothing

9 Reasons to Shop Vintage Clothing

Benefits of Vintage Clothing

I feel that the benefits of vintage are more than just the obvious which is to help the planet by reducing waste and recycling but also to slow the buying of the new, which at times but not always as this is dependable on your new purchase of course. Vintage clothing offers something exciting...this is how it was made including things like the buttons the detailing you can t always find in todays garments! It is adding that unique piece to your every day outfit with maybe also taking you back to happier times or times you have good memories attached to. Nothing will ever be as good as it use to be?

1. Timeless style

I may have covered this above! 
It is one off pieces that add to your already style, this makes it unique and especially those real eye catching pieces that maybe you had to hunt off a little harder! But it always never fails to take you back to previous decades!
pink sunglasses laying on top of a vintage scarf

2. Quality over Quantity

with my vintage I handpick each piece and will always do my very best to make sure the quality is at its best sometimes vintage has its own unique wear but still with so much wear left! Vintage clothing is beautiful as it has already stood the test of time and the quality of the stitching and materials used is fabulous!
woman hands holding a pile of clothing

3. A sustainable choice

So with vintage clothing as it is extremely rare it can mean your wardrobe will be unique and individual to you which is for some a real must! I love to place the vintage with the new sustainable brands and mix it together! it really creates a lovely vibe and not to mention helps the bank balance! 
're use'  're work'  and  're style'  is where I started off with on the journey for love of lemons I feel that captures the process so well of what vintage buying is!

4. Vintage clothing with a story

Clothing has a story and sometimes we can only use our imagination of its history maybe its a bag with an old Italian tram ticket in or a ladies blazer with maybe a ladies old shopping list in the front pocket what ever its journey is its still continuing with yours. I love to handpick as it always gives me the chance to look out for these details for you! Also sometimes its in the detailing and type of sticking that can help with ageing an item also this is the dame for denim I love to find the older pair of Levis or denim jackets and research into each piece...
back of a woman holding a vintage jacket

5. Budget friendly chic

So with handpicking the vintage for you to also allows me to keep the prices as low as I can even when I know something is possibly a lot more if I was to sell it maybe on eBay I want to share the bargains I find as this is what it is all about finding fantastic pieces that are so special but keeping it affordable.

woman sitting in sofa with pink skirt and sunglasses on looking into camera

6. Vintage clothing collectible fashion

I always say to my customers this is a real beauty or just a nudge that what they have is a real investment and to hang on to it! I then let them know its a buy back piece if they were ever to decide they wanted to swap for something else one day!

7. Embracing individuality & style

Vintage fashion can also inspire more creativity and development of personal style rather than opting for fast moving trends.
I always get the little buzz from adding vintage to my new pieces and seeing it come alive again! Know that I am re using it and re working it in todays day! 
How better to wear a worn in soft pair of Levis that already have such a style and personality also for half the price! 

8. Vintage vs. Fast fashion

Reduce the waste choose vintage instead! 
so fast fashion is a piece that sadly never lasts for long and you wear, then sadly throw and with this price being low means these garments are made from cheap and low-quality materials
The fast fashion industry is one of the most harmful industries on the globe. The industry is driven by producing and selling low-cost, trendy clothing at a rapid pace. 
woman hands holding classic vintage sunglasses

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