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Buying Vintage For Summer

After an incredibly exciting and encouraging launch of Love of Lemons where most of my vintage finds sold out within a week or two, it was high time I headed back out on the road to track down some more one-of-kind special pieces for you all, especially for summer...

Vintage Sourcing With A Shopping List

So I embarked on my 2nd buying trip up north to Derby, leaving Cornwall far behind me, hitting the road in my 1967 Dodge Dart, feeling the sun on my face and an air of excitement of what I will find this time around. I had certain things in my mind that I felt the online store needed such as more summery styles like dresses, skirts and if I was lucky, denim shorts (just because I absolutely adore denim shorts!). I also had a long shopping list from keen customers who wanted to see more summer dresses, light blouses and of course denim jeans. 


A Passion With Patience

The vintage warehouse in Derby is big, and I mean really big! It may be daunting and not be the kind of place for everyone looking for a special one-of-a-kind find, that's why you need patience and just a love for the hunt. Like me! It can take hours trawling through items in this warehouse to find those star pieces I feel not only complement the style of Love of Lemons as a whole, but also that are up to scratch and not overly worn. It's a fine balance and I mostly just follow my heart. Do I want this, would I wear this and can it be styled in with the new? If the answer is most certainly yes, then it goes into my basket!

Vintage shopping at the warehouse - our happy place

Star Finds

I was so thrilled to find some really beautiful, feminine summery dresses and skirts (check out 'new in' to see styles that are still up for grabs). These pair so well with socks from Le Bon Shoppe and a pair of old Converse, throw on a vintage grandad cardi when the temperature dips and you're good to go! I was also lucky to top up my summery blouse offering, choosing real stand out colours and patterns that just scream nostalgic holidays in the sun.

A Helping Hand With Denim Choices

A vintage shopping trip wouldn't be the same without picking up some more denim jeans. I found so many pairs of Italian and French unbranded high waisted tapered jeans that just flatter the female silhouette and are a dream to wear. I know how hard it is buying jeans online, so to help out, please message me with your sizes and I will find you the perfect pair that I think will work. 


Lastly... Be Quick!

As all of these vintage finds are one-of-a-kind pieces, it means once they go they really do go. I've heard from so many of you that had eyes on a certain thing online, but someone else has made the move faster and made the purchase. Make sure you keep a close eye on instagram, especially my daily stories for the latest styles being added to the online shop. 'New In' is always being updated so remember, if you fall in love, be quick! Enjoy browsing x