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Wardrobe Stories: My love for French vintage denim

Re-work. Re-style. Re-love.

So it all begun during summers spent in the South West of France, discovering my addiction with vintage clothing and old denim. It was here that I discovered so many little vintage shops such as Les Enfants Terribles in Biarritz and Blue Madone in Hossegor just to name a couple. I was totally inspired!

Blue Madone vintage

The stock in these little shops were so amazing, and even in the heat, nothing was going to stop my hunt in finding my next pair of vintage jeans! It's all in that little moment of discovery - finding that one pre-loved pair that literally have the best worn-in fit and feel with such a cool shape and style. You cannot beat it in my opinion.

It's so hard not to get excited by vintage denim when it's so cool, rare and gives you that one-of-a-kind style. My wardrobe is completely styled around my denim as I feel that the 'jean' is key to how you master your look, and don’t even get me started on workman dungarees! 

Vintage denim | French style

If you're really lucky on a vintage hunt, you may even find some straw and chewing tobacco in the pockets, not to mention the history of the fades - every mark, paint drop or tear line tells a story, and now it's time for mine.

It's hard not to be inspired by the French fashion, with their nonchalant and effortless style, and enviable wardrobes, they’ve mastered casual-cool. But one of the most interesting things about stylish French girls might be the timelessness of their outfits. The looks they're wearing today could have just as easily been worn by, say, Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot… seriously.

Lee jeans | Vintage denim

My love for vintage denim is that it doesn't have to be a big name like Levi's or Lee, as with the lesser known brands you can discover some very cool silhouettes and washes too. You may also find a rare pleat here and there or fit that you just can't get from a modern pair of jeans.

Vintage denim with a pop of print

My idea is to accessorise your usual outfit with a unique pop of denim

Black skinnies, cropped indigo flares or vintage wash mom jeans, it really doesn't matter which style you choose, but it has to fit well and it needs to suit you and your lifestyle. If the jeans are uncomfortable to wear, then they just won’t work. 

Vintage denim style | Love of Lemons

So if like me you want to tap into their denim style, the rules are simple... 

First - opt for straight-leg silhouettes, Levi’s 501 jeans are a great baseline, the flattering cut is one you can find in any French girl's closet. 

Secondly - remember the name of the game is think effortless style. What a better way to stand out than to wear clothes few others are likely to own? Simple!